Experts in Grass Establishment

The AquaLawn system is built on years of horticultural, agri-science and geotechnical expertise. In combining these fields we have been able to develop an approach that leaves nothing to chance.

From lab teams and agronomists analysing soils, to the R&D department perfecting our process, we are focused on your AquaLawn.

We work closely with our global partners to bring you the very best seed, additives and applicators that make AquaLawn so unique.

Professional Installers

AquaLawn installers are specially selected for their experience and professional approach. All of our installers have a reputation for quality and proven landscape experience – you are in good hands.

AquaLawn accredited installers receive rigorous technical and practical training. Our training programme ensures that every installer is fully prepared and armed with the knowledge required to deliver your perfect AquaLawn.

The AquaLawn training programme includes:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Material and Additives Seminars
  • Machine and Operator Instruction
  • Site Appraisal Guidance Training
  • AquaLawn Application Training
  • Aftercare Seminars

We don’t stop there. Before becoming fully accredited all AquaLawn installers must pass our final assessment. This ensures that all installations are up to our demanding AquaLawn standard.

Installers also go through continual assessments and regular audits for quality control – every customer should love their AquaLawn.

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