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Every home deserves an Aqua Lawn and our process makes it possible.

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Home Visit and Garden Appraisal

Your AquaLawn starts with you – we need to know exactly what you are looking for!

You can be as demanding as you like. What’s your wish; tell us what is important to you, what you want from your garden, what will you use it for?

Is your garden for entertaining outdoors, is it a family space for all ages, or is it work of sheer refinement just to be admired?

We can make sure your AquaLawn is completely tailored to your requirements.

During your garden appraisal we gather as much information as possible on your lawn. We look for anything that will influence the development of your AquaLawn; ground compaction, areas of shading, direction aspects, drainage etc. all have an effect. With this knowledge we can formulate an AquaLawn we know will grow. AquaLawn leaves nothing to chance.

We also look at access. Unlike turf, AquaLawn’s unique application method makes access easy. Your AquaLawn is applied by a water tight hose which can pump over 60 metres. Hoses can run over fences, around walls – they can even run through your house with minimal disruption.

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Soil Testing

Experience tells us that certain seed species prefer to grow in particular soils types or conditions. We analyse your garden to identify Soil Types, pH, Nutrient Levels, Trace Elements as well as gather a range of additional soil data.

Samples are taken at the home visit and sent for analysis in our laboratory. The results are collated into a report and this information is combined with your requirements to develop your bespoke AquaLawn specification.

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Bespoke Seed Selection

At the heart of every AquaLawn application is the seed. Selecting the perfect seed is critical for optimum development. All applications use the highest quality seed, pre-treated with AquaLawn growth stimulant. The soil test results are combined with the home visit and garden appraisal, to formulate your bespoke AquaLawn specification. 

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Your AquaLawn is not far away, so we need to prepare the ground for installation. At the garden appraisal stage we will have identified any preparation work required. The level of preparation completely depends on your individual project – for example a brand new lawn will require a different approach to the re-establishment of an existing lawn.

This may involve de-compaction, making up levels, importing soil, drainage improvements, cultivations or seed bed preparation. Your AquaLawn needs no more preparation than standard turf.

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Your AquaLawn Installation

It’s AquaLawn time. The team arrives with a purpose built AquaLawn applicator.

The ingredients will be mixed on-site to your AquaLawn specification in the application tank. Our secret formula includes natural fibres, growth enhancers, binding agents and your bespoke seed mixture – this formula is completely safe for use around children and pets and is environmentally sound.

Once the ingredients are mixed to perfect consistency, the delivery hose will be lead to the point of installation. At this point there it is likely that one team member will be situated with the machine, whilst another controls the delivery nozzle. The perfect AquaLawn installation requires a precise balance between the applicator controls and the delivery nozzle.

AquaLawn installers are trained to use a special application technique for a perfect finish with no gaps or patches. Care is taken to reduce overspray onto surrounding areas such as patio’s, decking, sheds etc. using splash boards where required – AquaLawn installation is a very neat process.

Now watch your AquaLawn grow!

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AquaLawn Maintenance Tips

Although the volume of water required by your AquaLawn is far less than turf, some irrigation is still required, particularly in warm weather.

AquaLawn irrigation should simulate rainfall, so using a simple garden sprinkler is ideal; just enough water to wet the area through without puddling. Watering once a day for the first week is what we advise. The installer will explain how best to irrigate your AquaLawn and will provide an aftercare programme. Don’t be afraid to contact your installer if you have any after care questions – we are here to help.

There isn’t long to wait. The early stages are critical to your AquaLawn’s establishment, right now the roots will be developing and penetrating the soil; this happens before any growth is visible. Grass can start to become visible in a matter of a few days, but it is very important that the area is not disturbed during this early phase – this includes children and pets.

Within approximately two weeks of your AquaLawn installation, your installer will return at a time to suit you to assess progress. Following this assessment your installer will advise on further maintenance such as irrigation and establishment cuts. These additional maintenance instructions take into consideration the time of year, temperature, rainfall and the particular requirements of your AquaLawn specification.

It’s all of these little details which make your perfect AquaLawn.

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