The Aqualawn System

We combine our easy to use, lightweight seeder along with our all-in-one mulch pellets to seed and fertilise to establish a thick and lush new lawn.

The hydraulic mixing system makes light work of mixing our mulch pellets into the perfect solution for seeding lawns in residential areas and public spaces. Its hydraulic mixing system directly connected to its centrifugal pump allows easy and quick handling from the first tank. It’s ideal for use in landscaping and horticulture and can be used to maintain as well as sow new lawns.

The seeder is the lightest and most compact latest generation hydroseeder on the market.  In combination with our exclusive granular mulch, our compact seeder provides an excellent seeding system.

The Seeder

  • Our seeder is easy to transport on a trailer and easy to handle
  • It only requires the addition of water at the place of use
  • Our system largely removes the need to prepare soil
  • It can be applied in a range of areas
  • It can be be applied quickly in areas of up to 250 square metres per mix
  • Our system is much cheaper and faster to apply than turf
  • Quick and easy growth even in difficult soil conditions
  • Our system can also seed wildflower meadows and other vegetation
  • Our system works well on uncultivated soil as well as repair work and can also be used for over-seeding.

The Mulch

Our mulch pellets can be applied on flat areas and slopes.

It works well on a variety of soils in a variety of locations. It’s ideal for efficiently brining greenery into urban areas.

Our Pellets:

  • Germinate quickly as they store water efficiently (900% of dry weight)
  • Offer temporary protection against erosion
  • Improve carbon and nitrate storage
  • Are made of wood fibers (mixed with cellulose) and fertiliser.
  • They are mixed with green food colouring making application easy
  • Are 93% organic and 7% mineral

Traditional mulches are often supplied in heavy bales needed to be shredded before being introduced into the tank of a seeder. This carries the risk of clogging the pump and and preventing proper seeding.

Packaged in 10 kg bags, our pellets are easy to use, transport and store.

We are experts in Grass Establishment

The AquaLawn system is built on years of horticultural, agri-science and geotechnical expertise. In combining these fields we have been able to develop an approach that leaves nothing to chance.

From lab teams and agronomists analysing soils, to the R&D department perfecting our system, we are focused on producing the best AquaLawn.

We work closely with our global partners to bring you the very best seed, additives and applicators that make AquaLawn unique.

Lawns grown in situ are better lawns

Turf is traditionally cultivated, cut and transported in rolls. Once rolled the turf begins to heat-up which can lead to yellow, black or oily turf, with a rotting smell. Turf that is left rolled up for too long often dies in patches due to the heat stress.

Turf can heat up within 24 hours of harvesting meaning the window for installation is very short. Only a very small percentage of all turf cut in the UK is actually laid within 24 hours, and most turf is laid more than 48 hours after cutting. This said, most turf is laid in a suboptimal condition.

Turf is cut in optimal condition, laid in suboptimal condition and suffers the shock of being laid in a different soil type from the one in which it was grown.

In contrast, AquaLawn takes high quality soil-matched seed and places it in ideal growing conditions for optimal healthy development.

Lawn care specialists agree that there is no substitute for AquaLawn grown in situ.

Seamless coverage with no gaps compared to turf

Everyone can tell a newly turfed lawn and can see the joints. It can take many weeks or months to grow these lines out, and quite often additional top dressing and joint brushing is required to reduce the gaps.

These gaps are exacerbated by poor installation. When turf has been laid incorrectly it becomes dehydrated and this effects the microbial environment and increases die back; resulting in curled up edges, larger gaps and a poor quality lawn.

Unlike turf, AquaLawn is applied as a seamless blanket, with no gaps or lines, giving a perfect, even coverage.

Less watering

More turf lawns fail due to poor irrigation than for any other reason.

The frequency of watering turf is a surprise to most people. Some turf suppliers recommend that newly laid turf requires watering twice a day for the first week, then two to three times a week for the next six weeks, then once a week until it is fully established – that is a lot of watering.

With turf, the volume of water required is also surprising. It is not simply a case of wetting the grass because turf can only absorb water through it roots. In order to be effective watering is required to the full depth of the turf as a minimum and this only increases with time.

The volume of water required to irrigate an AquaLawn is far less than a turf lawn. The AquaLawn mulch enables quick rehydration and slows dehydration, as a result the seed is sustained with water at its most critical time. For example in the first week, watering is only required once per day, that’s half the requirement of turf.  Sometimes very little or no irrigation is required depending on climatic factors.

Aqualawn is the environmental choice.

Works on slopes, banks and uneven lawns

Laying turf on banks and sloped areas can be a laborious and expensive process.

Not only is this very costly, but there are significant challenges to keeping the turf fixed in position; pinning is often required making future maintenance more difficult.

Irrigating turf on slopes and banks can be very problematic. As mentioned watering is critical to turf establishment but slopes render normal watering systems ineffective making loses more likely through drainage and erosion.

AquaLawn’s unique binding agents secure the seed and growing medium directly to the soil particles. Our ability to fix seed in to position ensures optimal establishment. AquaLawn applications can be tailored to be effective on any slope or gradient.

Grass establishment is achieved without secondary pins or fixings and the area can be irrigated like any other AquaLawn installation.

AquaLawn is the only choice for slopes, banks and gardens on a gradient.

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